About Ed

"Ed_drozda_5[1]"Since 1996, under the name E & D Associates, Ed Drozda has facilitated the success of small business and business people through the strategic deployment of small business coaching and advising. After enjoying over 20 years in the field of healthcare clinical operations and administration Ed entered the Coach University Coach Training Program.

Ed is a fundamentalist- his focus is on the people in a business. He aids businesses in identifying the root cause of their challenges and then partners with them to devise and implement realistic and sustainable strategies. Ed challenges and leads his clients to bring their goals to fruition while discovering and exploiting their inherent strengths and does so in an environment of accountability. Ed also works closely with a cadre of trusted folks who can provide expertise in most business related technical matters (e.g., marketing, sales, law, etc.) to ensure that all of your business challenges are effectively managed. More information on the web at http://www.4eandd.com.


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